May Witches’ Rune Reading


At the center of this reading, we find the Star. This means that at this time, you are focused on your goals. They are the goals that serve your highest good. Immediately next to this rune is Woman, to the right and Harvest, to the left. In order to achieve success in these goals, now is not a time for action. Often times, we are told to be aggressive in pursuing or goals, but these runes tell us that now is the time to be receptive and watch how things unfold. Allow yourself to sit back and be open to what comes your way.

Directly above these three runes are: Romance, next is Man, and at the top is the Rings. I know I told you not to be aggressive in the pursuit of your goals, but where you could be aggressive (for a lack of a better term) would be in asking for the support that you need in your life. Romance tells us that you have the support structure that you’re in need of and that you should be open and honest about what you need from this support structure. If you can do this, you will be able to create something new and unexpected.

Continuing deosil (clockwise), we find the Eye. This rune tells us that once you ask for what you need and create something new, you will know what you have to do to move forward.

Next we have the Waves. This rune represents your emotions. I get the sense that because things are turning out differently than you may have expected, you have some rocky feelings about the direction that your pursuits are going. The Crossroads, to the right of the Waves, warns against stagnating as a result of these conflicted feelings.

Away from the rest of the runes is the Scythe, but between it is a face down rune, which tells me you are blocked. The Scythe tells us that you need to let go of your expectations surrounding your goals. Although things are not turning out the way that you expected them to, that doesn’t make it bad. You are guided by deity, so let go of your expectations and allow things to unfold in the way that will serve your highest good. When you are able to do this, you will overcome your block and cut out what no longer serves you and move to the path that will allow for growth.



A Transformation of Spirit