Pop Culture Paganism: Magick for Ravenclaws.

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“Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw, if you’ve a ready mind. Where those of wit and learning will always find their kind.”

-The Sorting Hat

Wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure.Rowena Ravenclaw

This post is going to be Harry Potter inspired, because it’s one of THE most popular fandoms to work in with Pop Culture Paganism. Instead of a specific spell I’d figure that I’d give ideas for the 4 houses so that you can do magick that corresponds to the house that you associate with. There are tons of quizzes online so you can find out which house you’d be in, but this one is my favorite.

So, Ravenclaws are all about intellect, wit and love learning. The house roughly corresponds to Air and the colors are royal blue and bronze and, despite the name of the house, the animal is the Eagle. It’s called “Ravenclaw” because it was founded by Rowena Ravenclaw.

Some good spells for Ravenclaws would be:

  • Study charms (sigils in planners, binders, index card holders, pencil cases etc.) It’s a good idea to charm all of your school/work supplies so that everything is ready to go, just like you are!
  • Herb sachets for studying as well. Rosemary and cilantro are good for memory. Lemon is good for creativity! Carry it on you, or make up an incense to burn while you’re writing and studying, or just use it as you’re reading for fun!
  • Weather magick (work with the winds!) Try to use them to make new projects blow in for you, or use the winds to blow away stale energy so that you are 100% for any work you need to get done.
  • Try writing your own spells and rituals while using rhyme schemes to appeal to your subconscious which has been said to understand sigils and riddles better than our conscious minds.
  • Look into Eagles to see if they mean anything for you. Maybe try meditation to see if the Eagle has any messages for you. The Eagle is good for swiftness, travel, protection and good fortune.
  • Work with the color blue: candles and stones. Blue is usually good for communication and the throat chakra, so if you have to do a presentation at all, make sure to carry a blue stone with you! Blue is also great for healing and water magick, so if you’re stressed over work or school try to take a calming bath to renew those brain cells!

Get to work Ravenclaws! Next month is Slytherin House!