Solar Plexus Chakra

Solar Plexus Chakra

The Solar Plexus Chakra is the third chakra we will be covering and is located just above the navel. In sanskrit, the solar plexus chakra is known as manipura; meaning “shining jewel”. The major theme of this chakra is energy, fire, vitality, and perseverance. Here are some correspondences related to the solar plexus chakra:

Location: just above the navel

Color: yellow

Stones: citrine, amber, tigereye, yellow jasper

Essential Oils: lavender, chamomile, lemon, anise

Herbs: chamomile, cardamom, anise, juniper berries

Animals: ram

Yoga Poses: bow, bridge, abdominal lift

Element: Fire

When our solar plexus chakra is balanced, we have feelings of strength, will power, self control, high energy, and self awareness. People with a strongly developed solar plexus chakra have an abundance of energy and a zest for life. Physical manifestations of a healthy solar plexus chakra include: healthy weight, adequate caloric intake, healthy digestive, and nervous system.

Those with solar plexus chakra personalities are sensitive, empathetic, and emotional. They follow their gut instincts and have good intuition. They tend to not hold back emotionally, and can easily express their thoughts and feelings in an intelligent way.

When our solar plexus chakra is unbalanced, it can be either in excess or deficiency. When our solar plexus chakra is in in excess, it manifests as emotionally unstable or diminished sense of self. When we have a deficiency in out solar plexus chakra, we are insecure and apathetic. An unbalanced solar plexus chakra will physically manifest itself with problems with the digestive system, nervous system, insomnia, nightmares, feeling of sickness, and eating disorders.

When the solar plexus chakra is imbalanced, problems with nervousness and poor self awareness come into play. Psychologically, those with unbalanced solar plexus chakras may develop eating disorders, anxiety, and psychosomatic symptoms.

The following are signs your solar plexus chakra may need balancing:

  • If you have stomach ailments, heartburn, or ulcers
  • If you suffer from backaches
  • If you have an anxiety disorder
  • If you are over/under weight
  • If you suffer from an eating disorder
  • If you have trouble expressing yourself freely
  • If you give in to others too easily

To help get your solar plexus chakra healthy and balanced, try to work the following areas in your everyday life:

  • Physically: ground yourself daily and as needed, eat healthy foods, get enough sleep for your body, exercise, drink plenty of water, and get your body in a good state of physical health.
  • Home: physically and energetically clean your home, allow yourself space where you can meditate and increase your intuitive senses, use sensory items to help keep the nervous system stable; such as weighted blankets.
  • Business: Speak up when you need to, don’t let yourself get too emotional, find the spark in you and use your energy to allow you to be successful.
  • Family: emotionally connect with your family members, express yourself freely, and let your energy lift those around you.
  • Element: use the element of fire to help manifest what you want by utilizing its energy. Enjoy a bonfire outside, or burn a candle and watch the flame, to connect with this element.

To help strengthen this chakra, use the following affirmation daily or when needed: “I allow my emotions to run freely”.



– Katie