When people talk about your “heart space”, what are they referring to?

Q and A IconHeart space is a concept that has been defined and redefined, and few agree completely on what it is. There are some magickal practitioners who see it as a metaphysical space, a place in your higher self which contains all that is dear to you. It is a space that should be monitored closely so you can maintain what resides there. Examples of what you might cherish with your heart space could be your family, your children, your partner or significant other, your job, your home and your spirituality. Anything that doesn’t belong there should be released.

There are other practitioners (and this is the approach that I take) that see it as a symbol. It is a symbol of anything that comes from a place of self love, love for others and that which serves your greatest good.  When you are living from your heart space you are doing that which is right and true for you and living your truth. To live from your heart space means letting go of toxic people and relationships, learning to reorganize thought patterns that are negative or harmful, chasing what makes you happy and not minimizing any part of your true soul.



– Alyse
Luna Sage



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