Channeled Messages

The following are some recorded channeled messages from SaiRa.   To hear more from SaiRa you will be able to read messsages on my blog – Songs of a Cricket which can be found here as well as the YouTube Channel where these messages were uploaded to: Lunar Wisdom      

Merry part

Thank you everyone for joining us all here at Circle of Friends for our journey together, but the time has come to say goodbye. Last month’s article was the last for this publication and this month we are all saying farewell. To Sheri, the editor – thank you for having me. To my readers and … More Merry part

June Tarot Forecast

Ace of Chalices (R), Page of Pentacles (R), The Sun, Two of Pentacles,  King of Chalices (R), and Six of Pentacles (R)   Ace of Chalices (R) represents the energy of the beginning of a spiritual or emotional endeavor, possibly a relationship of some sort or a project or activity that you are invested in … More June Tarot Forecast

June Oracle Reading

This month’s message comes from the Wisdom of Avalon. Trust is a Sacred Journey Marker. The Marker of Trust requires you to question your own beliefs and to trust your thoughts, your personal understandings, and yourself as reliable, good, honest, and effective as you move forward on your own spiritual path. Trust brings you the energy … More June Oracle Reading

Contact Information

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