Farewell Witches’ Runes Reading


There are so many unknowns in this reading. As we are about to end one part of the journey with this last edition of Circle of Friends, and start a new one in the near future. There are so many possibilities in front of us. Amongst the unknowns is the Scythe. This is also appropriate as this rune signifies endings, often endings that we do not wish to happen, but will serve our highest good.

Much is hidden in the shadows right now and the unknown makes us feel uncomfortable as both the Moon and Waves suggest. Things seem to be changing quickly and nothing feels sure under foot. The Harvest, all the way to left, does tell us that good things are on the horizon. The Man, which stands outside the circle, tells us that we must bring action into our lives in order to achieve our harvest. It will come to us through hard work and we will achieve the goals that we seek to bring into our lives.

I have very much enjoyed writing the Witches’ Rune casting every month, for the past two years. I came to this magazine with very little experience, but a desire to hone my rune reading abilities. You all have given me the opportunity to do just that. I hope that these readings have helped each of along your paths and given you guidance or affirmed your current path as needed. It has been a pleasure, readers. Although my blog is very different from what I do here, I invite you to join me on my journey at A Transformation of Spirit .



Much Love,

A Transformation of Spirit