Wrap Up

PictureSo, this is the final article in the Fourth Way series, because the magazine itself is discontinuing. If I were to stress anything from any of my previous articles as a final word on the Fourth Way teachings, or a sort of wrap up about the work in general, it would be to urge everyone to keep remembering themselves.

This is the most important aspect of the Fourth Way, without which nothing can happen for a person and nothing can improve and no greater understanding can be allowed in. If a person only forgets themselves, then they simply live life in a mechanical way, falling prey to any accidents that come their way. If you can find space in our modern world to really remember yourself then you are capable of anything and of unlimited improvement and possibilities.

If anything is taken away from this series, it should be that. Or even to simplify, it would be an urge everyone to: Awake!

As for myself, I have very much enjoyed writing various articles for the Lunar Wisdom Circle of Friends magazine. It has given me an opportunity to discuss things I’m fascinated with, as well as given me a prod to look more into topics and ideas that I had less of an understanding of. However, my online article writing is not over and in fact has only increased, thanks in part to practicing it through here.

If you’re interested in more of my spiritual/esoteric writing, you can follow me at my new blog: The Quest Within. I discuss many aspects of spiritual, esoteric, and occult teachings, with a very heavy emphasis on the Fourth Way. So, please give that a read if you’ve enjoyed this, and thank you very much for the opportunity to write for you!




– PhoenixWitchwood