Chrysocolla is a minor ore of copper commonly found in large masses around the world. It’s most popular mining sites include Israel, Arizona, Peru, and Mexico! The colors of this crystal comes in all different hues of green and blue. Because of its color, Chrysocolla is sometimes mistaken as turquoise. This stone is pretty soft … More Chrysocolla


Iolite is a translucent and sometimes even transparent gem variety of the mineral Cordierite. The name Iolite originates from the Greek word ios meaning violet. This mesmerizing crystal comes in many deep hues of purple and blue, but it is also common to see Iolite in shades of grey. This stone contains a sufficient amount … More Iolite

Bloodstone / Heliotrope

Bloodstone, also known in antiquity as Heliotrope, is identified as both a Jasper and Chalcedony variety of quartz. The typical Bloodstone is made up of a dark green chalcedony with freckle-like spots of red jasper. This stone is mainly found in India as well as Australia, Brazil, and China. Heliotrope has a pretty solid mass … More Bloodstone / Heliotrope