The Fourth Way

This is the first book on the Fourth Way that I picked up to read, however I would absolutely not suggest it to anyone else looking to get into the Fourth Way for the first time. Instead, I would suggest the book, In Search of the Miraculous also by P. D. Ouspensky. It gives a much … More The Fourth Way

The Body Sacred

Dianne Sylvan, the Wiccan author of The Circle Within, a book I continuously recommend for individuals interested in Wicca, has also written The Body Sacred, a book discussing women and their relationship with their physical bodies. In it she addresses the poor relationship that we have cultivated with food and eating and how it affects … More The Body Sacred

Fairy Tale Ritual

Kenny Klein’s book Fairy Tale Ritual was  very different than many of the books that I’ve read on spells and rituals due to its focus. Klein takes us on a very fascinating journey back on the road where the fairy tales we know and love came from, and then offers guidance on using those magical … More Fairy Tale Ritual