God of the Month: Thoth

Thoth is the Egyptian God of Wisdom and Learning. He was one of the earlier Gods worshiped in Egypt, particularly in Khnum. He was eventually re-written as the creator God due to his popularity. These particular stories say that he laid an egg while in the form of the ibis, and that egg hatched Ra. … More God of the Month: Thoth

God of the Month: Vali

It seems there may be two gods named Vali throughout Norse mythology. Most sources refer to them as Vali I and Vali II. There are enough similarities between the two to make the argument that they may be the same deity, but since the lineage is very different, as are other circumstances, the opposite argument … More God of the Month: Vali

God of the Month: Hades

Hades is the Greek God of the Underworld. Eventually, his name would come to describe the Underworld. He is in charge of funeral rites and defends the dead’s right to burial. Hades also had a multitude of the most precious metals and soil from the Earth, earning him the title “God of Wealth” in addition … More God of the Month: Hades

The God Sobek

Sobek is the Egyptian God of crocodiles. His worship continued into the Roman occupation and rule. Different sects believed different myths about Sobek, but several believe he rose up from Dark Water to create the universe from his sweat. Since he was a God of the Nile, so he brought fertility to the land. This … More The God Sobek

The God Aengus

Aengus is the son of the Dagda, and the Goddess Boann (who was the wife of Nechtan). The two deities had an affair that led to Aengus’ conception. In order to stop Nechtan from finding out about Boann’s pregnancy, the Dagda made the sun stop for the nine months. Aengus was conceived, gestated, and born … More The God Aengus