Goddess of the Month: Eostre

Eostre the Norse/Germanic Goddess of Spring, Fertility, and the Dawn. In fact, the old Anglo-Saxon word “Eostremonath” or “Ostaramonath” is what they called the month of April, and when they held festivals in Eostre’s honor. Ostara, or “Easter” was essentially a name for her, although that second name was eventually usurped by the Christians as … More Goddess of the Month: Eostre

The Goddess Seshat

Seshat is the Egyptian Goddess of scribes and writing, and was also associated with arithmetic and architecture. Her most common epithet is “Mistress of the House of Books,” because she was in charge of the library of the Gods. She is a patron of all forms of writing, not just of stories and everything else … More The Goddess Seshat

The Goddess Epona

Epona is a Celtic goddess of horses, particularly mares and foals. In Celtic, the word “epos” means “horse.” And while Epona was predominantly Celtic, meaning her followers would have been located throughout what is now the United Kingdom and Ireland, as well as France, there is evidence of her worship throughout Germany and as far … More The Goddess Epona