June Tarot Forecast

Ace of Chalices (R), Page of Pentacles (R), The Sun, Two of Pentacles,  King of Chalices (R), and Six of Pentacles (R)   Ace of Chalices (R) represents the energy of the beginning of a spiritual or emotional endeavor, possibly a relationship of some sort or a project or activity that you are invested in … More June Tarot Forecast

May Tarot Forecast

Eight of Chalices (R), Two of Wands, Ten of Pentacles, Page of Chalices, Knight of Wands, and Page of Pentacles (R) Eight of Chalices (R) represents the energy of seeking and searching for something that is lost or missing. Once this missing “thing” is found and embraced in your life experience it would bring emotional … More May Tarot Forecast

April Tarot Forecast

Five of Pentacles, XX Judgement, XVII The Star (R), Four of Swords (R), Ace of Cups (R), and IX The Hermit Five of Pentacles represents the energy of a situation that requires your immediate attention. This situation has been lingering in your life for an extended period of time, It is a condition that you … More April Tarot Forecast

March Tarot Forecast

Page of Swords (R), Queen of Pentacles (R), Ten of Cups, Queen of Swords (R), Two of Wands (R), and I The Magician (R) The Page of Swords (R) represents a specific personality or energetic frequency that is in the process of influencing you and your life experience. The Page may be the energy of a specific person you have a … More March Tarot Forecast

February Tarot Forecast

I The Magician, Six of Pentacles (R), V The Hierophant, Ace of Cups (R), III Strength (R), and Queen of Swords (R) The Magician is an indicator of the potential of energy; you possess the knowledge, skills, and desire to manifest whatever it is you desire. All the tools required, all the energy needed is present and … More February Tarot Forecast

January Tarot Forecast

  IV The Emperor, 10 of Pentacles, 4 of Cups For the month of January, we are using a three card spread (past, present, future) which focuses on general insight as we begin this month. Past: The Emperor represents authority. This authority can be manifested by an organization or business, a single individual, a group of … More January Tarot Forecast