Beltane Correspondences

Symbols: Butterflies, Plows, Brooms, bonfires, Daisy chains Colors: Pink, Green, Yellow Herbs: Marigold, Meadowsweet, Almond, Bluebells, Primrose, Lily of the valley, Birch, Angelica, Satyrion root, Sorrel, Nettle Altar Decorations: Wildflowers, Rose, God and Goddess Statues, Colorful ribbons, Strings of beads Feast Foods: Yogurt, Dips, Barely cakes, Red fruit, Elderflower drinks, Fruit wine/punch, Sun steeped tea, … More Beltane Correspondences

Ostara Correspondences

Symbols: Four Leaf Clover, Baskets, Chicks, Budding twigs, Sprouting Bulbs Colors: Pastels, Gold, Grass green Herbs: Dogwood, Hyssop, Linden, Gorse, Honeysuckle, Olive, Woodruff, Rose hips, Tarragon, Meadowsweet Altar Decorations: Daffodils, Narcissus, any spring flower, Eggs Cocoons Feast Foods: Honey cakes, Dairy foods, Apples, Flower dishes, Fish, Sweet breads, Punch, Egg drinks, Jelly beans, Chocolates, Unleavened … More Ostara Correspondences

Imbolc Correspondences

Symbols: Brighid’s Cross, Lambs, Besom, White Flowers, Snowflakes Colors: White, Orange, Red Herbs: Basil, Bay, Celandine, Evergreen Altar Flowers/Decorations: Angelica, Myrrh Bride’s Bed, Corn Dolly, Priapic Wand Feast Foods: Breads, Cakes, Seeds, Pork, Lamb, Herbal Tea Animals: Badger, Ewes, Deer, Swan, Firebird Incense: Myrrh, Neroli, Musk, Carnation Deities: Arachne, Aradia, Artio, Attar, Audhumla,Brighid/Brid, Brinhyld, Cardea, … More Imbolc Correspondences