Wrap Up

So, this is the final article in the Fourth Way series, because the magazineĀ itself is discontinuing. If I were to stress anything from any of my previous articles as a final word on the Fourth Way teachings, or a sort of wrap up about the work in general, it would be to urge everyone to … More Wrap Up

The Moving Center

The Moving Center is simply the part of us that is concerned with movement. This is any kind of physical movement or action that one undertakes, including physical expressions and mimicry of others, as well as dreams. Sometimes Fourth Way schools will also add the Instinctive Center and Sexual Center to this center, since these … More The Moving Center

The Emotional Center

The Emotional Center is the center that has the most potential power, but it is held in an immature state in most people as it is typically mired in negative emotions. Most centers have a two-sided approach to their work, such as pain and pleasure in the mechanical, or right and wrong in intellectual, but … More The Emotional Center

The Intellectual Center

The first center that we will discuss is the Intellectual Center. This is the most important center in the discussion of becoming awake and following the Fourth Way system as it is the center that is most readily in control of the majority of us. It is the only center that will listen to itself, … More The Intellectual Center

The Carriage Analogy

George Gurdjieff used an Eastern analogy to describe how the human entity works and how the centers impact its ability to act. He likened it to a horse and carriage driven by a driver. The four parts of the horse and carriage correspond to the four parts of a human and are connected by the … More The Carriage Analogy