May Ogham Reading

Hi everyone! Welcome to the May reading. This month I only chose one stave, since that’s the vibe I was getting as I was shuffling through the staves. Interestingly enough I chose Birch (beith) which was the “future” stave for our reading last month. We seem to do that a lot here in this column … More May Ogham Reading

April Ogham Report

Hello everyone! Welcome to this month’s Ogham reading. As you can see I did another three stave read. This time we have the following: Ash (which we’ve gotten twice before), Yew and Birch. Ash – We’ve had this before, so we sort of know what it’s all about by now. It’s protective, it was highly … More April Ogham Report

March Ogham Report

Hi everyone! This month’s reading is pretty stinkin’ cool, in my humble opinion. We have some continuity happening! Also, the Ogham for this reading are right in order, 2, 3, 4. Very interesting! Back in January our reading looked a little something like this:   This month looks like this:  If you look closely, we … More March Ogham Report

January Ogham Report

​Hi everyone! Welcome to my first Ogham reading! I pulled these staves with the thoughts and intentions of helping the majority of my readers, so here’s what I have for you! The top row is what the general theme of the reading is about, from left to right, I pulled Willow (Saille) and then Ash … More January Ogham Report